Reach optimal decisions faster

by focusing the collective intelligence of your organization.

  An Engaging Way to Decide, and Quickly Move Forward

Ethelo collects multiple insights, streamlines collaboration, and identifies highly-supported decisions

— all in one single intuitive platform.

reduce solution discovery time

Ethelo allows people to engage at convenient times

// cloud-based & mobile-friendly

// based on realistic possibilities

enhance quality of decisions

Ethelo has the ability to

// build-in operational realities & decision-trees

// shortlist only actionable solutions that fall within a given budget

optimize implementation

Ethelo guarantees high group buy-in with

// transparent, inclusive technology

// flexible, participatory approach

Where Ethelo Shines

Recent Projects

Streamlining Vancity’s Grant Allocation

Using Ethelo, Canada’s largest credit union engaged 10 panelists to assess 50 grant applications with more than 105 supporting documents, cutting down meeting time by 20%. [Learn more here.]

Strategic Decisions at Portland Hotel Society

Following significant changes to the organization’s management it was recognized that a highly participatory approach to strategic decisions was needed. By streamlining the engagement of staff spread across multiple locations and involved in many and varied programs, Ethelo allowed the Portland Hotel Society’s team to unlock valuable insights needed for better results. [Learn more here.]

Public Engagement, the Dynamic Way

Leadnow used Ethelo to engage over 1.600 members to identify the priorities for Canada’s new government and find consensus around key electoral areas. [Learn more here.]

Deploy Ethelo’s unique capabilities

& quickly arrive at the best decisions

See How it Works!

What Customers Are Saying

“A great solution for engaging a group in collective decision making.”
William Azaroff, VP Community Investment, Vancity
“[Ethelo’s] innovation is an exceptional advance on the state of the art and can be considered a new benchmark . . . that is clearly ahead of competitors and their current offerings.”
Building Canada Innovation Program, Government of Canada
“Our public consultation services require easy-to-configure and user-friendly digital platforms, and our recent use of Ethelo in a community planning project was a successful collaboration.”
Vince Verlaan, Former Board Member, IAP2
“Using Ethelo allowed us to overcome limitations in engaging the organization’s staff in a collaborative, manageable and timely manner and allowed us to identify a highly innovative, relevant and congruent strategic direction for the organization.”
Eamonn O’Laocha, Interim Executive Director, Portland Hotel Society
“Really impressive tool – overall we have found it useful and helpful to
our discussion and decision making.”
Michael Larbalestier, Prospects, UK
“I am very excited about Ethelo’s potential for dramatically expanding public engagement in the key policy issues of our time.”
Antony Hodgson, President, Fair Voting BC
“My client needed to revise and mark up a text-heavy document. After looking at all the major public participation and group decision platforms, we found Ethelo to be the best fit.”
Doug Sarno, President, Forum Facilitation Group